Nice to meet you, how do you doodle-doo? 

I thought I’d take a moment, and tell the story of how we came to be. 

My mom is an animal lover. Growing up, we had horses, she raised cocker spaniels for a time. If there was ever an orphaned animal, my mom was the person people brought it to. She would nurture with her special touch.

As a young adult, I had a couple of litters of chihuahua puppies. Loved the nurturing aspect. 

Over ten years ago, the opportunity arose for our program. A friend of mine had started raising Goldendoodles,  and every time I was out her house I was smitten by their charm & loving personalities. When she decided to concentrate on her Australian Shepherd lines, I was given the opportunity to start raising Goldendoodles. At that time, the Goldendoodle was not popular or well known as they are today.

From the get go, I was so excited! I started studying pedigrees, doing research on the science of breeding Goldendoodles. I love studying pedigrees. My goal was to have the best pedigrees, healthiest lines, and to do things right.  

With goals, come challenges. A lot of Poodle & Golden Retriever breeders are anti doodles. Finding quality health tested & champion parent lines, and breeder approval of those lines can take years. We insist on knowing the pedigrees & history of our lines. We wait patiently & are super excited about the quality lines we are able to add to our program.

We have chosen not to breed doodle to doodle. Our research has led us to the belief that breeding F1s and F1bs are ultimately healthier. Breeding doodle to doodle can also result in inconsistent & improper coat types. It may take us a little longer to reach some of our goals this way, but so worth it. 

Along the way, several family members have joined us. Six of our homes now participate in our program. It allows our dogs to receive the attention and love they deserve. Working with each other, has brought us closer. I can’t say how fortunate I am personally how smoothly things go. I am sure I can be bossy with high expectations, but no one has revolted yet lol. It is truly a blessing how well things go between us working together. 

I always say, I remarried the most wonderful man. He is truly my partner in every way.  I don’t know how I ever did this without him. He has jumped on board and shared this passion with me. He has sacrificed, works long hours. Our program would not be where it is today without his dedication. His family, now mine, also a part of our program.

Let’s talk Poodles for a minute. The Standard Poodle stole our hearts from the very beginning. So intelligent, so in tune with people, and they love children. Anyone who has spent time with our families have also become fans. We have been blessed to work with some amazing poodle breeders, who are open to doodles. We are proud to have those health tested, champion lines in our Poodle & doodle lines. 

We have watched our poodle lines go out and do amazing things. From therapy to service, to champions, to world travelers. We are very proud of their owners for accomplishing such great things! 

Our other doodle lines are a result of careful consideration & love for that type of doodle. You won’t find us jumping on every doodle line that comes to be, or “trending”. But know that we have carefully & thoughtfully selected any additions or changes to our program. 

The Aussiedoodles are so loving & loyal to their families. Many of ours have gone for therapy. They are patient, have silly gestures, intelligent, eager to please, and care deeply for their families. A few families Aussiedoodles have even made the news with their good works! Job well done & we are proud of your work! 

We are so pleased with our current line of labradoodles. We are proud of feedback we get on temperament, intelligence & trainability from their new families. We have our labradoodle lines in therapy, and even service. 

We have added the mini Bernedoodle to our program after researching temperament. Family oriented, loves children, playful and lazy. We are excited for this future. 

On a personal note, while this is time consuming & hard work, it is very therapeutic. I always joke that our dogs are always happy to see us, and never have anything bad to say. We all enjoy down time when we get it & companionship with our dogs. 

Our breeding program has been an adventure. Lots of learning along the way from health testing, to things we can be doing to producing puppies with a more sound temperament. Techniques such as early neurological socialization, noise desensitization, and studying & applying puppy culture techniques. And those are just a few components of breeding. Learning is a never ending process, and while we have been at this for some time, we know their is always room for improvement. 

Thank you for taking time to getting to know us! We love seeing pictures and getting updates from our extended poodle and doodle families, and getting to know you as well!