Frequently Asked Questions:

We tried to come up with a time saver and place some answers to the most popular questions we get asked. Thank you for looking! 

Difference between F1 & F1b:

F1 means one pure bred (either Golden Retriever or Australian Shepherd) has been bred to a poodle for the First generation.

F1b means a F1 doodle has been bred back to a poodle, or "back crossed"

We are only breeding f1, and f1bs at this time. Research points to hybrid vigor best on f1s, our allergy sufferers have had no complaints on the f1b hypoallergenic attributes. Some research suggests inconsistencies on offspring of other doodle breeding regiments. We do not breed doodle to doodle for this reason.  For the time being we are sticking to f1, f1b doodles.

What's the difference between an Aussiedoodle and a Goldendoodle?

If you go to a dog park and run into a Goldendoodle, you are probably going to get suckered in by their charm. They make everyone feel loved. 

The aussiedoodle is silly, does head cocking gestures & is more loyal to their families. The aussiedoodle has a cropped tail, and wiggly bottom-which is great for indoors! 


We are passionate about our breeding program. We spend about 6-8 hours a day, 7 days a week caring and playing with puppies when we have them. Most of us in the GFF program are now practicing Early Neurological Stimulation socialization, Noise desensitization and some Puppy culture techniques. 

How big will they get?

There are no guarantees on size. You'll find details on our parent pages on parent sizes. Know the parents of your future or current puppy and yours will likely be in that parent range average. Females tend to be slightly smaller than males. 

What shots will my puppy need?

While they are with us, we keep them current on vaccines. Typically they have received a neo-par vaccine at age 4 weeks for parvo, kennel cough vaccine and at least 1 of the required FOUR on series of parvo/distemper/influenza shots. While they are in our care, we keep them current on vaccines. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to continue that shot regimen. Parvo/distemper/influenza shots are a series of shots typically completed 3 weeks apart. Rabies shots are typically give at age 3 months. Puppies are not immune from disease until series is complete.

How often should I groom?

That is up to your preference. We prefer our doodles shaggy.  However, manners and your digs comfort are priority. You should groom regularly. Standard poodles require grooming a little more often. Again, that depends on your preference. However, whatever your preference, introduce your doodle to a groomer ASAP!  You want them to be comfortable & used to going. It will be easier for them, and your groomer. We would introduce once the shot series is complete! If a groomer has to shave your doodle or poodle down because of matting, that’s on you, not your groomer. 

Questions about updated pictures:

When we do litter pictures, we prefer to bathe, blow dry prior to photo shoot. Keep in mind these litters can have over 10. It takes hours just to bathe & blow dry. Next comes posing & getting still pics. It may take 30 shots to narrow down 3-4 good pics. Then comes updating the website, ads and so on. To update pics, can literally be an all day process. And did we mention towel usage? Lol! We never own enough towels! Because we want to provide quality photos, we ask for your patience inbetween sessions.  Updated pics will be done 10-14 days apart pending schedules. 


We introduce the idea of housebreaking with puppy pads, grass mats, puppy litter boxes with each litter. We crate when permissible. We recommend crate training. Taking your puppy out after eating to go to the bathroom in the same spot after eating. I highly recommend crate training. I personally buy a big crate with a divider. If your puppy doesn't have room to "get away" from his/her mess, they are less likely to have accidents in the crate & a sooner success rate.

What are you feeding the puppies?

Some of us use Purina Pro Plan Lamb & Rice & some of use Purina Puppy Chow, blue bag with 3 shapes only. We are aware there are "better" choices out there. We choose Purina because it is nourishing, our families can access it easy until they gently switch over to a preferred brand, and using Purina allows us to shop locally in our home towns to help boost our local economy. 


2022 Advice, unless you have an established, well respected breeding program-we strongly discourage beginning a doodle program at this time. Sadly there is an abundance of low quality doodles for sale in the market at this time. Quality dog foods, vaccines, gas, etc have also greatly increased in pricing. 

Breeding rights are double the original pet price at this time. 

We sell our puppies at pet pricing unless otherwise agreed upon prior to sale & breeding/show rights have been approved & breeding contract paid for. You must spay or neuter by age one, you have not been approved for, or purchased a breeding contract. Pet contract now states if your pet is bred, whether by accident or intentional-you will be responsible for a fine of 10 times the original purchase amount plus legal expenses. 

We have spent a great deal of time, research, so on in the selection process of our lines for our breeding program. We ourselves, must pay breeding rights for these quality lines. Some of the companions in our program have cost an extra of $3000-10,000 to gain the right to breed. Not to mention testing, health testing, and more health testing. Some of our lines have taken multiple generations to produce our goal. When you purchase a companion on a pet contract, and do not honor that contract, it's comparative to stealing years of hard work, time, money getting the right lines. It's completely unethical as well. Thank you for understanding. 

Deposit/Holding fee/refunds:

Holding fees/deposits are deducted from the original balance. Deposits/monies paid are not refundable, but absolutely transferable. We accept PayPal, Zelle, Cash App, Wave, Walmart moneygram, checks, cash for deposits. 

We do ask balances are paid in full by age 6 weeks. Balances can be paid by Zelle, Cash, Cash App, personal check if given 14 days clearance time.  Checks are not acceptable at delivery/pick up as they need time for clearance. We do not accept PayPal for balances. 

If a method is not listed, we do not accept it. 

Can we visit in person?

We no longer allow in person visits. The risk for parvo and distemper are not worth it. COVID protocols taught us so many things can be done virtually, and that’s what we now do. We share informational videos at selection time. FaceTiming is possible. 

Besides the risk of parvo, distemper..privacy & safety for each of our families who participate in our program. Busy schedules, and the time we invest daily caring for puppies also factor in virtual visits from this point. 

Guinn Family Farms visitation policy for all homes

We are a family run business, and locations  are our homes. Random visits can be intrusive. And like a lot of you, we have families, children, busy schedules. Safety & keeping our homes/puppies protected from deadly viruses are a priority.

We do allow visitors, but prefer only deposit holding families. We will not allow anyone who has visited shelters, other breeders in the last 30 days. If your unsure about a doodle or poodle and are in the shopping phase-we ask that you do not visit. Our goal is to protect our property, and our puppies (and your future companions) from deadly viruses like parvo, and other contaminants.

We have security cameras, measures in place. Visitors must sign an affidavit agreeing they have not visited any stated facility in the past 30 days. 

Visitors must step in bleach pans. Puppies can be observed up close. Visitors can put on gloves to touch/pet puppies, but puppies cannot be held. Parvo can be carried in on clothing etc. 

Areas are sanitized with bleach prior to visitors coming, and when they leave.

Between our own family members we do a lot as far as socialization. We implement Early Neurological Socialization, Noise Desensitization, Puppy culture methods. We also do a lot daily precautions, such as changing public clothes before handling, having shoes only dedicated for puppy areas, stepping in and out of bleach before handling, cleaning, socializing, etc.


Just some information prior to your puppy going home:

Bring a towel or paper towels for the trip home-just in case! Accidents happen & car rides take some getting used to. 

If your puppy is being shipped, checks, Venmo, Zelle is accepted & must be paid in full balance & shipping 2 weeks prior to being shipped. 

All balances are preferred to be paid-in-full by age 6 weeks. Special circumstances can occur, please inquire. 

Your puppy has received the following while in our care:

Wormed 2,4,6,8 weeks
Neo-par vaccine for 3 strands of parvo age 4 weeks (does not completely cover-you still need to finish 5-way series)
Ear mite prevention age 5 weeks
5 way series for parvo/influenza/distemper age 6weeks
Kennel cough vaccine age 4-6 weeks

You will receive record of these vaccinations.

You will receive a receipt/copy of the two year health guarantee. 

REGARDING vaccines: Your puppy will not be covered from disease until 5 way series is complete. It's a series of 4 shots, administered 2-3 weeks apart from one another. You may need 3 more after your puppy goes home at age 9, 12, 15 weeks. Rabies can be given at age 3 months.

What we feed: Some of us are using Purina Pro Plan Lamb & Rice food, and some are using Purina puppy chow blue bag with 3 shapes. If you want to switch foods, do a gradual change as to not upset your puppies digestive system. Your bag has a recommendation as to serving size and how often.

Worms: continue to worm your puppy every 2 weeks with a liquid wormer until your vet approves you for a once a month heart wormer. 

Housebreaking: personally, I think crate training is best. It's best to take your puppy out soon after eating so insure the routine.