Jacky & Goose F1b Goldendoodle puppies

Details about Parents:

Dam: “Jacky”

King’s Jaqueline Onassis 

AKC Poodle 

Size 20” shoulder, 35lbs

Red parti 

genetically tested 

Excellent hip rating 

Sire: “Goose”
GFF’s Gray Label
F1 Goldendoodle 
Color: Black 
Size: weighs 60 is 23” shoulder
Testing Certified normal/not a carrier of:
Degenerative Myelopathy
Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures
Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Con Degeneration
Von Willebrand Disease I
OFA good hips
Ofel normal elbows
Goose is Sluggo’s son 

The Videos:

The girls:


The boys:




The Girls:

Joy, chocolate tuxedo/parti $1800 SOLD

Jubilee, black tuxedo/parti $1800 SOLD

January, apricot $1800 SOLD

The Boys:

Jingles, black $1800 SOLD

Jolly, black abstract $900

Jellybean, black parti $1800 SOLD

Litter Details:

Born October 24, 2022

Age 6 weeks: December 5, 2022

Age 8 weeks: December 19, 2022 (go home date) 

Available as shown.


BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL -$300 rest of 2022
BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL -$300 rest of 2022

Pet price listed, breeding rights double original pet price 

Courtesy Ok-Tx route TBA 

Our Goldendoodles Come With:

Early Neurological Socialization
Puppy Culture Methods
Wormed Strongid T at 2 weeks
Neopar vaccine
Kennel Cough vaccine
Wormed Strongid T 4 weeks
5way series started at 6 weeks
Panacure wormer 3-5 days at 6 weeks
Panacur wormer 3-5 days at 8 weeks
(Shots current if with us at 9,12,15 weeks- those are when the next ones are due)
Vet checked 
Copy of UABR registry, pedigree
3 year hip & health guarantee 
30 days free pet insurance 
Goody bag with food sample & toys, moms scent blanket (unless traveling commercial) 
We feed Purina Pro Plan Lamb & Rice Puppy food. Found on Chewy and Amazon. 

How to Reserve:

Depositsare deducted from original balance. They are transferable,nonrefundable. 

Deposits are $500

Deposits can be made by:
PayPal (we send you an invoice, 3.5% fee also applies)
Personal check
Cash app
Walmart Moneygram 
Apple Pay
Wave invoicing 

If a method is not listed, please don’t assume it is accepted. 

Allofourpuppiesare sold on a pet contract. You must spay or neuter, unless a breeding contract has been approved & purchased. Breeding rights are currently double original pet price 

Notifications & Pictures:

We will notify you when your reserved litter is born. Due dates are sometimes early or late by a few days. We may do a group photo while mom is on a potty break, but don’t typically do posedpicturesfor at least ten days. Our priority is making sure newborns are eating, staying warm and thriving.

We will do group boy, group girl pics roughly every 10 days after babies have settled in. Closer to that 6 week mark, we start individual pictures.

Pictures are not always easy. And quality photos are our goal. But sometimes babies are hungry, tired, etc. Between the puppies mood, and our allotted time for pictures, we may not captureeveryfeature right off the bat. By age 6 weeks, we typically have individual pictures, front, side views. Pictures are time consuming, we may take 30-50 pictures for every one you see posted.

How the Selection Process Works:

We start the selection process around the 6 week mark. Selections are made in the order that deposits are received.

Labeled individual pictures will be posted. Video links with important information and the puppies will be posted.

Everyone will be notified when the process starts. You are encouraged to visit this page, check out the videos before your turn.

You will have just a few hours when it is your turn. With such a large litter, it is not feasible for decisions to take 12-24 hours. The whole process would take too long in the event that familiesdelay the process. You can risk being skipped until the end.

When it is your turn to choose, you will be notified and return to this tab to see who is still available. Selected puppies will be deleted as they are chosen. 

How & When to Pay Your Balance:

We ask that balances be paid in full by age 6 weeks.

Apps have daily-weekly sending and receiving limits. It is important that balances be in process at or before the 6 week mark. 

Personal checks are welcome, as long as they are received at least 14 days prior to delivery or pick up. 

Cash app
Walmart money gram
Apple Pay
Google pay (14 days prior to go home date)
Wave invoicing 

*Please confirm information before sending (user name, email etc)

FOR SAFETY REASONS we will not collect cash on courtesy Texas delivery. Apps sometimes have hiccups like fraud alerts, daily limits, etc. We cannot do those transactions on the day of pick up either. 

IF you are coming to us to pick up locally, cash can also be accepted.  

If a method is not listed, then we do not accept it. Please do not assume we will.  We do not accept Venmo. PayPal is not an option for balances,          

Breeding rights are double original pet pricing, more info on FAQ page regarding contract.

Going Home:

Arrangements are made for the 8 week mark pick up. If youareneedingadifferent time frame to pick up, please discuss this in advance. We do have options for boarding. Boarding fees apply. 

We will have a complimentary delivery/pick up route for this litter. Route will likely be OKC-Denton OR McKinney-possibly Waco, This route is coordinated with multiple families, and is a single route delivery day. 

We have puppy nanny services, ground & flight air at buyers expense. 

Ground shipping is available to most areas in the US, rate is $250. Shipping by air is available in the US and Puerto Rico to most areas for $450 & up. Please note that during Covid flights have fluctuated and that is out of our control. Flight dates are typically Thursday arrivals. 

Tips for Going Home:

Beverycarefulwhereyoutakeyour puppy. Avoid high traffic areas. Your puppy is not immune from viruses until the shot series is complete and has had time to work. Your shoes can track in deadlyviruses,keepthem outofreach.Cleaning with bleach can kill some viruses. 

Change can cause stomach sensitivity. If switching foods, do so gradually. Mix a little new in with the old until transition is complete. Introduce new kinds of treats slowly. It doesn’t hurt to have canned pure pumpkin on hand for loose stools due to stress & these changes. 

We free feed. It’s ok to let your puppy do so for the first few months. Your puppyfood will have serving recommendations if you prefer not to free feed. Puppies drink a lot of water.

Crate-we prefer a large or medium one with a divider. If your puppy can get away from his/her mess, they will. Crate training can not be as successful if they can get away from their mess. 

Puppies love stimulation, toys are fun!

I like the brush that looks like a rake, and the slicker blush. 

Books to consider:
The Puppy Primer by Patricia McConnell

We CANNOT stress enough how your puppy is not I’m immune from viruses like parvo until the shot series is complete AND had time to set in. Write down the dates your puppy turns 9, 12, 15 weeks. Those are the dates your next shots are due. Your birthdate of your puppy is listed on this page to help assist. 

Parvo avoidance tips: Avoid taking your puppy in public, dog parks, pet stores or other places unvaccinated puppies might have been. Do not give public potty breaks. Put up ALL of your shoes from being chewed. Parvo can live on surfaces, soil for a very long time.  

You will continue to need to worm your puppy every two weeks until your puppy is placed on a monthly heart worm preventative prescription by your vet. Your puppy/dog will need wormed monthly for it’s entire life. Your puppy/dog will also need tick and flea prevention. Please confirm what is a good fit with your vet.   

Your dog will require grooming. Do not disservice your pet or your grooming by waiting too long to introduce your pet to grooming. Once the shot series is complete is a good time to introduce your puppy to the groomer. Even if it is just a nail trim and bath, your puppy needs to be used to the table, the sounds, etc. 

If you have been offered a 30 day free pet insurance offer, we highly recommend signing up. GFF is not responsible for vet bills once your puppy leaves us and is in your home.