Pippy & Ajax F1 Aussiedoodles:

Dam: Pippy the Australian Shepherd

Sire: Ajax the Poodle



AKC WF’s Caught by Surprise at Rockabye Creek 

Australian Shepherd

35 lbs

OFA good hips

OFEL normal elbows

OFA cardiac

OFA eye cerf

CHIC certified

Genetically tested 

SIRE: Sire: “Ajax”
Standard Poodle
AKC Guinn’s Ajax the Greek Storm
Color: Phantom Shaded Sable Parti
Size: weighs 25, is 19” shoulder
Testing Certified normal/not a carrier of:
Degenerative Myelopathy
Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures
Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Con Degeneration
Von Willebrand Disease I
OFA good hips, 
OFEL normal elbows
OFA cardiac
OFA thyroid
OFA eyes
OFA CHIC certified 
Grandson of UKC Ch Wekay’s Apache Storm 

Pippy & Ajax F1 Aussiedoodle puppy details:

Born September 11, 2022

Age 6 weeks October 23, 2022
(selections around this time & payments in full due)

Age 8 weeks November 6, 2022
(go home time)

2 girls
Superstar Chocolate Tri  $2500 RESERVED
Drama Queen Black Tri $2500

5 boys 
Hollywood Black Tri $2500
Leading Man Black Tri $2500
Show Biz Chocolate Sable $2200 RESERVED
Movie Star Chocolate Tri $2500
The Director Chocolate Abstract $2200

It takes some time for tri markings to come thru, colors to be determined later.

Pricing $2200-2500

Rest of 2022 BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL $300 off
Rest of 2022 BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL $300 off

The Videos:

Five Minutes of Fun Outside:


Pippy & Ajax Aussiedoodle pics:




Drama Queen Black Tri $2500 SOLD

Superstar Chocolate Tri $2500 SOLD


Leading Man Black Tri ON SALE

Show Biz Chocolate Tri/Sable $2200 SOLD

Movie Star Chocolate Tri $2200 SOLD

The Director Chocolate Abstract $2200 SOLD

Our Aussiedoodle puppies come with:

Early Neurological Socialization
Puppy Culture Methods
Wormed Strongid T at 2 weeks
Neopar vaccine
Kennel Cough vaccine
Wormed Strongid T 4 weeks
5way series started at 6 weeks
Panacure wormer 3-5 days at 6 weeks
Panacur wormer 3-5 days at 8 weeks
(Shots current if with us at 9,12,15 weeks- those are when the next ones are due)
Vet checked 
Copy of UABR registry, pedigree
3 year hip & health guarantee 
Goody bag with food sample & toys, moms scent blanket (unless traveling commercial) 
We feed Purina Pro Plan Lamb & Rice Puppy food. Found on Chewy and Amazon. 

How to reserve:

Reservations can be made with a $500 deposit. Deposits are deductedfromoriginal balance. They are transferable, non refundable. 

Deposits can be made by:
PayPal (we send you an invoice, 3.5% fee also applies)
Personal check
Cash app
Walmart Moneygram 
Apple Pay
Wave invoicing 

If a method is not listed, please don’t assume it is accepted. 

All of our puppies are sold on a pet contract. You must spay or neuter, unless a breeding contract has been approved & purchased. Breeding rights are currently double pet price, 

How selections are made:

Available as pictured .

Typically the selection process starts around week 6 (within a few days of the 6 week mark, due to schedules-it may not be the exact 6 week date) Thisgivestimetoinsurepuppiesarethriving,personalities are emerging, etc.

We do pictures, videos, assist with personality descriptions, etc.

We notify everyone when the process starts, and you will be individually notified when it is specifically your turn.

We will post individual pictures on the litter tab on the website. We delete the pictures as selections are made. When it is your turn to select, you return to the litter tablinkprovidedtoseewhostill available for you to choose.

VISITATIONS suspended currently. You may visit in person, but must abide by our visitation/disease control policy SUSPENDED until further notice. Because ofCoronavirus,wearereallytryingtodoselectionsvia video. Any in person visits will have to be done outside, weather permitting. Visits must be arranged before the selection process. You can not waituntil it anddecide to schedule a visit when ithas not been previously discussed. We also have a very, very strict parvo virus control policy. 

COVID protocols in many aspects have taught us many things can be done virtually. By virtual visits, videos- we have learned this is a great time saver. For us that time can be used for the hands on care require to take care of your puppy-litter, their parents. We have learned by working smarter in this way, we have more time for our own pets, our livestock, and most importantly our family and self care. 

By doing videos at selection, it allows many opportunities. Deposit holders all receive the same view. Deposit holders can watch, rewatch videos. Videos can be used future wise in the even that an opening does become available. We have started answering FAQs and giving out very important information during the video time. Info includes vaccine info, health info, flea and tick prevention, parasite control, training, etc. By doing a set of videos for selection, it allows us to not have to repeat FaceTime, in-home visits up to a dozen times per litter. Freeing our time to provide the hands on care needed to care for animals.

Please seeFAQ page for generalvisitation policy.

We ask that when it is your turn, that you do so in a timely manner, courteous to those waiting behind you. With litter sizes sometimes around 10, you can see why turns need to becourteousandtimely.It is. It practical to take 24 hours or more to decide. 

How to pay your balance:

We ask that balances be paid in full by age 6 weeks.

Personal checks are welcome, as long as they are received at least 14 days prior to delivery or pick up. 
Cash app
Walmart money gram
Apple Pay
Google Pay (can take 2 weeks to clear, must be received by 6 weeks)
Wave invoicing 

IF you are coming to us to pick up locally, cash can also be accepted.  

If a method is not listed, then we do not accept it. Please do not assume we will.  We cannot accept Venmo or PayPal on balances.

Breeding rights are an additional fee info on FAQ page. 

Time to go home:

Arrangements are made for the 8 weekmark to pick up. If you areneedingadifferent time frame to pick up, please discuss this in advance. We do have options for boarding. Boarding fees do apply. 

We will have a complimentary delivery/pick up route for this litter. Route will likely be OKC-Denton-possibly Waco, Texas. This route is coordinated with multiple families, and is a single route delivery day. 

We prefer to spend time caring for our animals, deliveries etc can take away from our responsibilities at home. Average work week for us are 60-80 hours, on top of family obligations. If you are local, or within a few hours of one of our locations, please show your dedication to your future family member by being willing to pick them up, and not expect us to drive to meet you to save you a little time... 

We have a puppy nanny service outside of this date, and for families in other nearby states. Rate is per mile.

Ground shipping is available to most areas in the US, rate is $250. Shipping by air is available in the US and Puerto Rico to most areas for around $400.

Go home tips:

Onpickup/deliveryday,bringatowelandsome wipes for travel just incase.

Be very careful where you take your puppy. Avoid high traffic areas. Your puppy is not immune from viruses until the shot series is complete and has had time to work. Your shoes can track in deadly viruses, keep them out of reach. Cleaning with bleach can kill some viruses. 

Change can cause stomach sensitivity. If switching foods, do so gradually. Mix a little new in with the old until transition is complete. Introduce new kinds of treats slowly. It doesn’t hurt to have canned pure pumpkin on hand for loose stools due to stress & these changes. 

We free feed. It’s ok to let your puppy do so for the first few months. Your puppyfood will have serving recommendations if you prefer not to free feed. Puppies drink a lot of water.

Crate-we prefer a large or medium one with a divider. If your puppy can get away from his/her mess, they will. Crate training can not be as successful if they can get away from their mess. 

Puppies love stimulation, toys are fun!

I like the brush that looks like a rake, and the slicker blush. 

Books to consider:
The Puppy Primer by Patricia McConnell